Netflix Movie: ‘Purple Hearts’ Ending, Explained

End of Purple Hearts explained Nicholas Galitzine as Luke and Sofia Carson as Cassie

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The touching show movie “Purple Hearts” is your typical tale of how two people who are the complete opposite end up falling in love. Sofia Carson plays a liberal-minded musician, and Nicholas Galitzine plays a committed Marine warrior. The movie tells the story of how these two opposing-leaning people falsify a marriage in order to get government assistance and afterward experience intense sentiments all things considered. Except for the overall shine that Netflix added to this ostensibly large financial plan project, there is hardly anything new to view in “Purple Hearts.”

What Is the Story of “Purple Hearts” About?

Cassie is a young woman who works as a waitress at a bar while also singing cover songs with her band there. She lives alone in a small apartment that she rents. As a rainbow flag and a BLM banner hang from the gallery of her apartment, she keeps up with the most recent developments in social consciousness and advancement. Cassie, on the other hand, also has type 1 diabetes and has been struggling to afford the high cost of her insulin medications.

Cassie insists that she will be fine and dandy without assistance from anyone else, saying that she really needs to be independent but also realizing that her mom isn't in that frame of mind due to financial circumstances, even if her mother is able to find an appropriate solution for helping her daughter. One day while performing and working at the bar, Cassie comes across a group of just enlisted US Marines, among them is also the woman's beloved friend Frankie.

The other young guys in the group try to toy with Cassie and her partner as they gain speed, which really annoys them since the males are so misanthropic. Even though Cassie evidently has a no-trooper dating philosophy, one of the Marines, a tall, well-built guy called Luke, seems to be interested in her.

The guy tries to explain to Cassie why it's so important for the Marines to protect the nation and other things, but Cassie isn't interested and ignores him. However, Cassie is unable to come up with a plan owing to the rising costs of her diabetic prescription and her overdue loft lease as she tries to think of a solution.

She approaches Frankie at his house and informs him of her plan, telling him that they should get married so Cassie could get monthly compensation for being a Marine spouse and Frankie could receive more money on a regular basis for being married.

Luke enters the scene and asserts that this is extortion that would be rejected by the professionals and that such a scheme would be misleading the public authority while Frankie rejects the idea simply because he already has a girlfriend he intends to marry.

Despite being a particularly excellent patriot, Luke nonetheless has personal challenges as a result of his former drug use. It just so happens that before the just recruited Marine is sent out to fight in Iraq, he really owes the local merchant, a guy by the name of Johnno, roughly $15,000 dollars.

In a similar vein, his family, particularly his father, has severed ties with him, and his brother is refusing to assist him. Luke has already proposed a similar plan to Johnno, namely getting married to Cassie, in order to increase his income regularly and pay off his debt. Then, despite their very wide-ranging differences, Cassie agrees when he explains his strategy to her.

He says he wants money but doesn't clarify for what specifically. They want to get married before Luke is deployed, pretend to be in love through text messages and video conversations, and then file for legal separation a year later after they have amassed their anticipated financial resources. Soon later, Luke is sent to assist in Iraq.

Their marriage is blessed by a ring that Frankie gives Cassie to watch after for a year. The two really make the claim to be in love with one another, sending each other notes and messages, but they actually lead separate lives.

The ‘Purple Hearts' Resolution: Do Cassie and Luke Reconcile?

Half a month later, a military court is convened where Luke is accused of deceitfulness and is prosecuted for it. Once it is shown that Johnno was the one who informed the experts of this, Cassie is also charged with a similar offense.

However, since the husband is not a military member, the USMC would not pass judgment on her and would instead refer the matter to the police after making a determination on Luke. Nevertheless, Luke decides to testify in court, undoubtedly to the dismay of his superiors and his family. He admits to the allegations but maintains that Cassie had no knowledge of them or any role to play in them.

He claims that when she married him, the woman was not even aware of the tactical laws and was unaware that she was breaking the law. The court soon ruled that Luke should serve a six-month sentence in military prison before being discharged from the Marine Corps for his bad behavior. But this also suggests that the court had already dismissed any charges against Cassie and had given her permission to continue with her life. Luke's father, who is obscenely proud of Luke and even tells him so, understands that his kid has really taken a literal slug to protect his better half.

Before being held, Luke also receives the Purple Heart award, which shocks him profoundly. Before coming on stage to perform, Cassie checks the video Frankie had taken at her and Luke's wedding when she was playing at a fantastic event at the Hollywood Bowl. She rushes out of her presentation immediately as it is finished and rolls toward the army installation just as Luke is about to be taken away.

Purple Hearts

They continue to express their love for one another by giving hugs and kisses. Prior to starting their life of devotion together, Cassie swears to believe that Luke will remain hidden for a considerable amount of time. Images from a half-year ago, when Cassie, Luke, and Peaches meet at an oceanside bar, are shown as the titles roll.

Netflix Movie: ‘Purple Hearts' Ending, Explained

In a similar vein, “Purple Hearts” tells the story of two ideal polar opposite personalities who first pretend to be married simply for the benefit until utterly falling in love for all the truth on the globe. The ending is too happy and lovely, much like the whole movie, making it impossible to feel justified in any way. The two protagonists in the movie seem to have intense affections for one another, ask for a separation, and then arbitrarily fall in love again only to advance the story points, thus the plot of the movie definitely lacks any form of organic growth or forward motion. The lovely, glossed-over deceit of devotion and life may be enough for others, but those who appreciate “Purple Hearts” obviously won't be around for such account movement.

The 2022 Drama Romance film “Purple Hearts” was planned by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

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