Danzryte “Ride or Die” love song video drop

Danzryte, a Ghanaian artist located in the United Kingdom who plays highlife and afrobeat music, has just released the music video for his newest love song, which is titled “Ride or Die.”

In his newest track, Danzryte extols the virtues of love and acknowledges the need for equal contributions to a healthy partnership.

Danzryte “Ride or Die” love song video drop

He then continues to provide a sincere lyrical serenade as the aspiring musician plays some nice instrumentals in the background.

Danzryte, a Ghanaian singer who is considered to be one of the highlife and afrobeat genre’s most promising newcomers, is responsible for a string of phenomenally successful singles, such as “Julie,” “This year,” and “Bu Onu,” amongst others, which have garnered him a great deal of praise.

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The song “Ride or Die” was released as a single late in the previous year and quickly became a huge hit.

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