Kwaw Kese Reports Bulldog to Police Over Shatta Wale’s Post

Kwaw Kese, a popular Ghanaian rapper, has appealed to the Ghana Police Service to reopen the investigation into the death of Fennec Okyere, the latter’s manager.
This comes after Shatta Wale wrote that he is ready to tell any court all about Bulldog’s alleged role in the matter, and it comes after Shatta Wale posted that he is ready to tell any court all about it.
Kwaw Kese shared a screenshot of Shatta Wale’s Instagram post, in which the latter threatened his former manager.

The person responsible for the blockbuster song “Abodam” begged the police to help him seek justice.


“@ghpoliceservice Pls help us obtain justice on my manager’s murder. I believe @shattawalenima and @bullhaus know something we need to know. Pls, let’s delve into this,” he wrote.



This comes as a result of a notice that Shatta Wale served to Bulldog, stating that he would divulge what, in his opinion, actually occurred in relation to the murder of Fennec Okyere. This warning was made by the “Ayoo” hitmaker after Bulldog revealed what he claims to be the list of artists that will be included on the tracks of Shatta Wale’s upcoming album, titled ‘Gift of God” (GOG).

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On Thursday, March 13, 2014, unidentified assailants killed Fennec Okyere at his apartment in Manet Gardens on Spintex Road in Accra. Okyere was the manager of the controversial musician Kwaw Kese. He died at age 31.

After he passed away, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Department took custody of Bulldog, whose real name was Lawrence Nana Asiam Hanson (CID).

As a suspect in the murder of Fennec Okyere, he was taken into custody in Kokomlemle, which is a neighborhood in Accra.

This was due to the fact that Bulldog, who frequently butted heads with Fennec Okyere, was rumored to have threatened him during an interview.

Bulldog was supposed to face the accusation of conspiracy to commit murder, according to the police charge sheet; however, his plea was never taken.

In 2017, the Chief Executive Officer of Bullhaus Entertainment was cleared of all charges related to the purported murder. At the time, the Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, stated that the state was no longer interested in prosecuting Bulldog for the suspected murder of Fennec Okyere.

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This information was included in the opinion that the A-G offered on the case docket. Kwaw Kese communicated his dissatisfaction with the latest turn of events.

Even the attorneys for the prosecution chose not to appear in court. In 2018, during an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM, a very dissatisfied Kwaw Kese said to Lexis Bill, “I believe our security system is quite inadequate.”

According to him, the digs that they fired at one another were meant to promote their artists as well as to keep themselves relevant as managers.

Bulldog maintained his innocence and added that he never threatened Fennec Okyere, despite the fact that the two of them had arguments, during an interview in 2022 on Hitz FM.

Kwaw Kese, meanwhile, commemorates the passing of his former manager on the date that marks the anniversary of his passing year after year.


The relationship between Shatta Wale and Bulldog

In the most recent couple of weeks, Shatta Wale and Bulldog have not been on speaking terms with one another. Bulldog had said before that he would stop being Shatta Wale’s manager on July 15, 2022.

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However, they have been poking fun at themselves when Bulldog criticized Shatta Wale for being resentful of others’ success, particularly that of Burna Boy.


In a response, Shatta Wale criticized Bulldog for granting interviews of this nature and added that Bulldog was never his manager but rather an employee who worked for his brand. Bulldog was never his manager.


After that, Bulldog logged back into his Facebook account and began praying for Shatta Wale. According to him, the dancehall musician is getting increasingly irritated as a result of the decline in his career.

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