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I used to strike football, now I strike for Jesus Christ – Kwame Ayew

Kwame Ayew, the younger brother of the famous Abedi Ayew Pele, has been honest about giving up football and going into the ministry of God.

The 49-year-old had a dignified career that lasted for more than 15 years and 25 appearances for Ghana.

Kwame Ayew played for teams in Turkey, Portugal, Italy, and France, such as Boavista, Sporting CP, and Metz.

With more than 300 club matches under his belt, Ayew resigned in 2007 and immediately began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The former Ghanaian international claimed in a documentary about his faith that he used to play football but has now given up the game in favor of drawing others to Christ.

“I used to play soccer and I used to play football, but now I strike for Jesus Christ. My parents struggled to make ends meet because I was born into utter poverty, Ayew added, as reported by Ghanaweb.

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“Everyday living was difficult. My goal was to become a doctor, but two men came to my house and made a proposal instead. They were going to offer me 10,000 cedis since they had seen me play with my school.

I had never even touched a 100 cedis at the time, but 10,000 seemed quite alluring. So I decided to participate.

“My older brother, Abedi Ayew Pele, helped spread the word about me throughout Africa. Others were already clamoring to compare me to him, so I was the center of attention.

“I wasn’t born to play football; I was born for football to elevate me to a particular level,” he continued. I now have a platform, thanks to football, where people are drawn to hear the life-giving word of God like a magnet.

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“My Christian religion had an impact on how I played football. Seeing people was another way it had an impact on me. I ended up adopting six kids as a result. In this home where I live with four other people, I aid so many people.

Ayew was a member of the Ghana team that won bronze in the 1992 Summer Olympics and scored nine goals for the Black Stars.

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