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Every woman is a sex symbol – Hajia Bintu

The social media personality remarked that every woman should regard herself as a symbol of sex when appearing on the Delay Show.

Every woman is a sex symbol, after all. What I’m trying to convey is that, as a woman, you need to mentally prepare yourself to be a sex symbol, she said.

Hajia Bintu claims her thick, curved behind is all natural, but she acknowledged using photographs of her flashing her behind on social media to spread a myth about her buttocks.

Haija Bintu vehemently denied having a treatment to make her buttocks bigger and insisted that such qualities come with development.

Hajia Bintu refuted allegations that she had artificial enhancements made to her body.

“I haven’t buttoned up. I wasn’t svelte, so I believe it to be growth. Maybe I didn’t understand angles when I was younger, but now that I take images, I make sure to use the proper angles, which is why you see things the way they are,” she added.

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While you did have some curves, they weren’t as large as they are now. The show’s host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, said that you now have a gigantic butt.

Hajia Bintu chuckled while reiterating that her body is natural. She said that her stances might be the reason why her butts appear large in photographs, adding, “Maybe when I was young, I didn’t know angles, but now, I do.”

The Ghanaian social media influencer, model, and businesswoman is well known for her Instagram modeling photos and TikTok content, which includes dancing tutorials, cosmetic tips, and other fun videos.

Credit: Delay show on youtube

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