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‘I am a fixer, not a talker’ – Dr Osei Adutwum tells critics

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Dr. Osei Adutwum, Ghana’s Minister of Education, has said once again that he is dedicated to enhancing the country’s educational infrastructure.

Dr Osei Adutwum enthusiasm to see an improved industry during his time in office, he claims, goes much beyond empty rhetoric.

Recently, the Minister has been the target of significant backlash due to certain public statements that she made criticizing Ghana’s strategy for educating its population.

But in an exclusive interview on the AM Show, the educator stated that the sole purpose of his talks is to bring attention to the issues in order to instill a sense of urgency among the various stakeholders.

“I believe that by notifying people so that there is a sense of urgency and, by the way, this is what is going on, we can bring awareness to the situation.” “It doesn’t mean that you’re simply talking about it and you’re just one of them,” he added. “It means a lot more than that.”

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However, according to Dr. Adutwum’s interview with JoyNews, the story does not end there.

Dr Osei Adutwum informed the host, Bernice Abu-Baidoo Lansah, that many of the difficulties he discusses are now being handled in a variety of ways at various levels.

“I need to instill a feeling of alarm in all of us that something is not functioning properly,” she said. I need to repair things, but I’m not much of a talker.

I’m more of a doer. Therefore, if there is something that is wrong, I will talk about it, but if people follow me, they will see that I am acting on what I am talking about, which is the conclusion he came to.

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