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KNUST Student dies after leaving campus to chill with boyfriend

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After being involved in a horrific accident in Accra, it has been reported that Achiaa Leticia, a level 300 student at KNUST who was 22 years old, has passed away.

It has been reported that Achiaa Leticia skipped school so that she could hang out with her lover in Accra, and these claims are presently making waves on social media.

There have also been rumors that her lover just got back from Accra and asked her to join him there so that he can live lavishly with her before going back to Dubai, where he lives and works.

Last week on Sunday, they were taking part in one of their activities when they were involved in a horrific accident involving the guy’s BMW.

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Surprisingly, Leticia was the only one who passed away as a result of the collision, despite the fact that there were three other males in the vehicle, including her boyfriend.

People on social media who seem to know more about the situation have said that Leticia’s boyfriend is helping her do rituals.

The fact that Leticia was the only person who perished in the tragedy is the motivation underlying these allegations.

Some people have even suggested that Leticia had already been slain before the vehicle accident, and that the accident itself was only a cover-up to mask the real crime.

As of right now, both Tiktok and Snapchat are flooded with posts using the hashtag #RIPLeticia. This is because Leticia’s close friends are still reeling from the news that she passed away.

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