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Dismissed Chiana SHS students return to school

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In response to a direction from the Ghana Education Service (GES), administrators of Chiana Senior High School in the Kassena-Nankana West District of the Upper East Region have reconsidered their decision to expel eight female pupils from the institution.

Following their dismissal for disrespecting President Akufo-Addo, the pupils have been asked back to school to begin the semester with the rest of their classmates.

Diverse responses were elicited in response to the decision to expel the students, with some individuals requesting that the GES reconsider its decision, while others demanded that the president pardon the students and take efforts to secure their recall, both of which he finally accomplished.

The eight students were seen in a video that went viral insulting the president for poorly implementing the Free SHS policy, which resulted in them going hungry because food items had not been supplied to their school at the time that they recorded the “very undesirable and unacceptable” video, as stated in the dismissal note from the GES.

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This caused the students to insult the president because it caused them to go hungry. According to the dismissal note from the GES, the students went hungry because their school had not been supplied with food.

They were placed on indefinite suspension as a form of discipline beginning on November 15, 2022, but were fired outright in January 2023.

There were calls for their expulsion, and the students themselves expressed regret and apologized to the president for their inappropriate behavior. The president listened to their statements, and then he took action to address the situation.

A talk over the phone with the dad of one of the girls revealed that he had received a request from the administration of the school to bring his daughter back so that she may complete her education.

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