Why I Divorced My Wife to Marry My Maid, Man Tells Court. [SHOCKING]

A marriage that had been going strong for seven years and had already resulted in the birth of two children hit a snag when the husband decided to divorce his wife and marry his housemaid instead.

It was for this reason that the wife made the decision to haul her husband before the court of law in an effort to make things right between them.

The wife claims that she had always loved and treasured her husband with everything in her life; therefore, it came as a complete surprise to her when she discovered that he could corrupt her in such a manner.

During the time that the couple was in court, the husband was requested to provide a reaction to the claims that had been made against his wife. However, the man answered that he had already made up his mind and that nothing could sway him from that decision.

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The spouse said in front of the judge that he is sick of being together at this point in their marriage. He claimed that his wife was extremely sluggish and that she refused to perform any of the housework that needed to be done in the home. The housekeeper has been responsible for everything, including preparing meals for the household.

The man went on to say that after he had complained about the problem more than once, some elders had called the two of them to try to solve the problem, but they had failed.

The man proceeded by saying that the wife never does any of the housework herself and instead gives the maid instructions to complete it while she is on the phone or watching television.


The husband said that his wife would perform all of the household chores, including the cooking for the maid, on the weekends when she did not have to go to work. Since the beginning of our marriage, she has ceased preparing my favorite meals for me in the manner in which she usually does them.

The only thing she does on the weekends is get ready for the Kitchen Party Committees, after which she occasionally returns him in a drunken state.

The wife’s husband pleaded with the judge to look into his wife’s long fingernails and determine whether or not someone with such long nails is capable of performing any housework.

Despite this, the husband remains steadfast in his intention to marry the maid, despite the fact that she is the one who has been responsible for the care of the children and the maintenance of the home.

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The marriage was eventually dissolved by the court since there was not much that could be done about the situation.

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