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Jason and Travis Kelce: What to know about the NFL famous brothers

Travis Kelce is one of the most recognised tight ends currently playing in the National Football League (NFL).

Travis has won two Super Bowls, and he has also appeared as a guest star on Saturday Night Live, which is the most prestigious pop culture co-sign.

Over the past several weeks, however, he has achieved a whole new degree of recognition as a result of the media attention that has been paid to the rumours that he is romantically involved with the singer Taylor Swift.

In all seriousness, there is already merchandise that is based on the budding relationship between the football professional and the pop sensation.

Despite the fact that Travis was already a member of a “great American dynasty” before entering Swift’s orbit, his brother Jason is likewise a legendary figure in the National Football League.


All of the information that you require regarding Travis and Jason Kelce is provided here.


In what country do the Kelce brothers hail from?

Although Jason, the older brother, was born in North Carolina, Travis and Jason spent their childhood in Ohio. Travis was born in North Carolina. Both Travis and Jason are 35 years old. During their time at Cleveland Heights High School, both Jason and Travis participated in athletics.

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Jason was a member of the football team and played both running back and linebacker, while Travis also participated in basketball and soccer in addition to football. Afterwards, both of them continued their education at the University of Cincinnati, where Travis received a scholarship offer and played for the Bearcats.


During the 2011 NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Jason, and two years later, the Chiefs selected Travis. The Chiefs eventually signed both players. Tonight will mark the first time that they will compete against one another in a championship game.

Ed Kelce, a steel sales representative, and Donna Kelce, who became renowned in her own right in the lead-up to the 2023 Super Bowl, wore split apparel in order to support both of her kids equally during the season. Their parents are Ed and Donna Kelce. “I have two split jerseys, one split jean jacket, and two split shoes,” she explained to Insider.

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Are there any Super Bowl rings that belong to Jason and Travis Kelce?

Jason has won one Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017, while Travis has won two with the Chiefs in 2019 and 2023, respectively. Both of the brothers have a collective total of three Super Bowl victories to their names. On top of that, Jason has been selected to the Pro Bowl six times, while Travis has been selected to the Pro Bowl eight times.


In 2023, the Kelces made history in the National Football League (NFL) when they competed against the Eagles and Chiefs in the Super Bowl. This game, which was called the “Kelce Bowl” by some fans, was the first time in the 57 years that the Super Bowl has been played that brothers have ever competed against each other on opposite teams.


Prior to the game, Travis remarked, “It’s wild and kind of surreal,” before the game began. “The fact that everything has come together in such a way is mind-boggling… This is a very happy occasion. One item that will remain in our memories for the rest of our lives is this.

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At times, they are not competitors.

The fact that Travis and Jason will be on opposite sides of the pitch tonight does not change the fact that they enjoy working together. They co-host a podcast called New Heights, in which they discuss football and analyse major developments in the league as they occur.

In addition, they discuss Travis’ developing relationship with Taylor Swift, which has the entire world watching. In honour of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where they spent their childhood, New Heights was given its name.

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