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Travis and Jason Kelce Share an Embrace and a Laugh After Eagles Beat Chiefs for First Time Since 2009

After their most recent rematch in the National Football League, the Kelce brothers had yet another sibling moment on the pitch.

Another emotional exchange took place between Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce as their most recent NFL rematch came to a close.

Travis and Jason Kelce Share an Embrace and a Laugh After Eagles Beat Chiefs for First Time Since 2009

In the game, which marked the fourth time that the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs had competed against each other, the Kelce brothers faced off against each other. This was the first time that the two teams had fought each other since the Super Bowl competition in 2023.


Despite the fact that the Chiefs played host to the Eagles at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night, the Eagles emerged victorious with a score of 21-17.


Immediately following the conclusion of the game, Jason and Travis found each other on the field. They engaged in a brief conversation, during which they shared a hug and a laugh. After that, Travis went back to his locker room, and Jason continued to welcome others on the field.

The moment they had on the pitch was perhaps less dramatic than the one they experienced after Super Bowl LVII in February, when the Chiefs defeated the Eagles by a score of 38 to 35 against the Chiefs.

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In addition, Travis prevailed against Jason for the third time in their ongoing battles, which coincided with the historic game that marked the first time siblings on opposing teams competed against one another in the final.

The brothers raced up to each other at the conclusion of the game, after the time had run out, in order to share an emotional moment on the pitch and celebrate their victory. “Come here,” Jason, the older brother, who was 35 years old at the time, said to his younger brother, who was 33, as he went in for a hug. It was a good job, Travis. Congratulations on your success!”


“I love you, big guy,” Travis said in response. After that, Jason responded, “I love you as well.” You did a good job. Proceed to rejoice.


During the time that his brother requested that Travis “go celebrate,” Travis was overheard saying, “I don’t know what to tell you, big guy.” It appeared that Travis was at a loss for words. In the moments leading up to Travis’s participation in the celebration, Jason uttered the words, “I love you. “The most enjoyable year of my entire life.”

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When the Eagles and the Chiefs play each other on Monday night, it will be the seventh time in the history of the NFL that both brothers are playing for their respective clubs.


It was in 2013 when they faced each other for the first time, but Travis was unable to participate due to an injury. The subsequent matchup was in 2017, and then it was in 2021. It is most notable that they competed against one another one more time during the Super Bowl in 2023, which some people lovingly referred to as the Kelce Bowl Bowl.

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The question of whether or not Travis enjoys competing against Jason was posed in a recent edition of their New Heights podcast. Travis responded by saying that it is “fun as hell, man.”


He went on to say, “I enjoy being in the National Football League with you, regardless of whether or not we actually get to share the pitch.” Our entire family and all of our friends are able to come together to watch a single game thanks to this.

With the exception of the final score, I am aware of the fact that… I can say without a doubt that I enjoy each and every one of the games that we have ever played together.

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