Watch Video of Oregon Linebacker DJ Johnson Punches Fan After Loss to Beavers

Watch Video of Oregon Linebacker DJ Johnson Punches Fan After Loss to Beavers

After the Oregon Ducks football team was defeated by the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday in Corvallis by a score of 34-38, one of the team's players assaulted a fan in the stands. The game was decided by a score of 34–38.

DJ Johnson, an outside linebacker for the Oregon Ducks, was leaving the field when he was approached by an Oregon State fan wearing a cowboy hat and a number four Oregon State jersey. Johnson used to play for the Oregon Ducks in college.

Following an unexpected victory for Oregon State that came from behind, a lot of fans made their way onto the playing field to celebrate the team's success. The fan was one of those spectators who came to watch.

According to what can be seen in the video, the fan was either waving to Johnson or approaching him with the purpose of shaking his hand. Both of these actions are seen in the film. After Johnson delivered the fan a blow to the back of the head, the cowboy hat he was wearing fell off his head and landed on the ground.

DJ Johnson was taken out of the arena by two coaches just in time to prevent the situation from becoming much more serious. It is unclear from the video whether the fan said anything that may have inspired Johnson to behave in such a manner. However, the fan could have said anything.

In response to the video, a user on Twitter going by the handle @gustthesportsfan said, “We all wonder why rushing the field is a problem.” It is vital that storming the field while the other team is still there be declared illegal and faced with serious punishment.

If this does not happen, then instances like this will continue to take place. (I do not mean to imply that the player or supporter was right by saying this.)

The score was 34-17 before the fourth quarter was done between No. 9 Oregon and No. Isaiah Newell's score with 8:11 remaining in the game, which capped off an incredible comeback for No. 22 Oregon State and eventually resulted in a victory for the Beavers.

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