Balenciaga Apologizes for Supporting Pedophilia

Balenciaga Apologizes for Supporting Pedophilia

The high-end fashion label Balenciaga has issued an apology for its most recent advertising campaign, which depicted youngsters hugging teddy bears while they were clad in bondage attire.

Images associated with the Balenciaga Gift Shop campaign featured small children dressed in pieces from the Balenciaga Kids range. These photographs were taken by photographer Gabriele Galimberti.

According to the first press release, which came out the week before, the campaign “iterates on the artist’s series Toy Stories, an investigation of what people buy and get as gifts.”

In a previous news release, the company said that the collection included “dozens of new goods, including homeware, petwear, perfume, everyday items, limited-edition collectibles, bespoke furniture, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.”

The price of a pair of shattered Balenciaga shoes is $1,850 USD.
The Balenciaga fashion house cut ties with Kanye West, and Burger King allegedly pulled its chopsticks advertisement after receiving negative feedback.

Balenciaga Apologizes for Supporting Pedophilia

On the other hand, there was an indignant reaction on social media to the pictures that showed young children carrying stuffed teddy bear bags while dressed in what appeared to be clothes inspired by BDSM. There is a photo of a toddler holding a variety of empty wine cups.

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One Twitter user said the following: “Although Balenciaga may have “apologized,” it is common knowledge that people at the highest levels were unaware of the campaign.

” This is a PR tactic where we are attempting to garner attention by using stuff that is controversial. I will never accept their apologies since I do not accept them now. It is never OK to sexualize children in any way.

On Tuesday, the corporation took to Instagram to issue an apology and make the announcement that the campaign would no longer be running.

According to the statement, “We want to express our deepest remorse for any hurt that our Christmas marketing may have caused.”

“It was inappropriate to showcase our plush bear backpacks with youngsters in this advertisement campaign. “We have, without delay, taken the campaign down from all of the sites.”

In a statement that he provided to CNN on Wednesday, photographer Galimberti said that the campaign’s direction and the shooting of the ad were out of his control.

“I am not in a position to comment [on] the decisions that Balenciaga made, but I must emphasize that I was not entitled in any way, shape, or form to choose the items, the models, or the combination of the same in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.

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“As a photographer, the one and only request that was made of me was to light the scene that was provided and to capture photos in a manner that was consistent with my personal aesthetic.

“As is customary, the photographer does not have any say in the overall direction of the campaign or the shooting,” you are told.

He added: “I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who engages in pedophilia looks for photographs on the internet and, sadly, has all too easy access to images that are very different from mine and are extremely explicit in the horrible nature they contain.”

Lynchings of this kind are committed against the wrong people, and they divert attention away from the true problem and the perpetrators of the crimes.

Balenciaga says they stand for children safety

A few hours after issuing the apology, Balenciaga posted a further statement on Instagram apologizing for displaying “unsettling documents” in a separate campaign.

In this statement, “unsettling documents” refers to documents from a Supreme Court case relating to child pornography laws. Balenciaga also apologized for displaying the “unsettling documents” in question.

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“We sincerely apologize for including papers that may have upset some people in our campaign. We are initiating legal action against the companies responsible for building the set and incorporating unauthorized objects in our Spring 23 marketing photography since we take this situation extremely seriously, according to the corporation.

“Abuse of minors in any form is unacceptable to us and will not be tolerated.” “We are an organization that prioritizes the health and safety of children.”

The statement that Galimberti made was that he “had no relationship with the photo where a Supreme Court document appears.”

Balenciaga ended their relationship with the rapper formerly known as Kanye West exactly one month ago, following a slew of antisemitic and provocative remarks.

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