Wahala: Husband Caught Heavily Pregnant Wife In Bed With Her Pastor

The pregnant woman, who has been identified as Martha, can be seen completely naked in the video that has gone viral.

Meanwhile, the pastor, who is said to come from Congo, immediately puts on his shorts after noticing that the pregnant woman’s husband is filming the encounter.

Candlelights could be seen on the ground; this, according to many people and sources, is consistent with the ceremony that was taking place while they were having their encounter.

At the time of posting this story, the video is now trending on the microblogging network, Twitter, and Nigerians are already offering their comments in respect of the horrible and despicable conduct that was carried out.

Wahala: Husband Caught Heavily Pregnant Wife In Bed With Her Pastor

An article on Zambia Online says that a Congolese pastor helped Martha get pregnant, even though she had never been able to have children before.

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In the viral video, a woman known as Martha can be seen pleading for forgiveness from her husband after she had been discovered in the process of having sexual relations with another guy. However, according to recent knowledge, the woman was really completing the “final ritual for safe delivery.”

According to some reports, the two people known as “the ungodly dad” and “Martha” were carrying out the last rite. Martha had been childless for some time, and the Congolese pastor reportedly participated in ensuring  the woman get pregnant.

What will you do if you were the husband?

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