Meet Susannah Coolidge: Jennifer Coolidge Sister

Jennifer Audrey Coolidge, better known as Jennifer Coolidge, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 28, 1961. Her full name is Jennifer Audrey Coolidge. She will turn 60 years old later this year.

Jennifer Audrey Coolidge is famous in the United States for her work as an actor and a comedian. In addition, she made her first appearance on television in 1993, and she has since appeared in a number of films, such as Plump Fiction (1997), Slappy and the Stinkers (1998), Brown’s Requiem (1998), American Pie (1999), Legally Blonde (2001), American Pie 2 (2001), Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde (2003), Testosterone (2003), Epic Movie (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and

Jennifer Coolidge was nominated for many awards and won one in 2021, including the Critics’ Choice Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Series or Television Film. It is believed that she has a net worth of $5 million.

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Meet Susannah Coolidge: Jennifer Coolidge Sister

Jennifer Coolidge, Susannah Coolidge, Andrew Coolidge, and Elizabeth Coolidge are Susannah’s siblings.
Gretchen and Paul Constant Coolidge, who own a plastics manufacturing company, are Jennifer Coolidge’s parents. Jennifer Coolidge is an actress who has won several awards for her work.

Jennifer Coolidge spent her childhood with her three siblings: a brother named Andrew Coolidge and two sisters named Nance Susannah Coolidge and Elizabeth Coolidge. Jennifer Coolidge was the oldest of the Coolidge children.

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