Twitter Alternative, Hive Hits 1 Million Users

Twitter Alternative, Hive Hits 1 Million Users

Since the business magnate Elon Musk seized control of the social media network Twitter, a significant number of its users have been migrating to other social media platforms that are analogous to Twitter, such as Mastodon.

Another alternative to Twitter, called Hive, is also getting a lot of new users quickly. As of today, it already has one million users.

According to a story that was published by TechCrunch, the popularity of Hive began to grow long before Musk purchased Twitter. The app experienced yet another spike in sign-ups over the weekend, which occurred at the same time as hundreds of Twitter employees rejected Elon Musk’s ultimatum.

App analytics company Sensor Tower says that it is one of the most popular apps in the United States on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Hive, In 2019, “Raluca” established the company. The social media application known as Hive takes ideas from a number of other social networks, such as Instagram and Twitter, and integrates them into a single platform.

The application has a Home feed as well as communities centered on certain topics, including, among many others, cars, music, fashion, travel, technology, memes, pets, crafts, and books. You may interact with material by clicking on hashtags, liking and commenting on posts, and reposting it.

Hive employs a system based on followers quite similar to that of Twitter. You have the option of selecting your pronouns, revealing your astrological sign, and even including some of your favorite songs on your profile, similar to what you could do on MySpace.

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Hive, in contrast to the vast majority of other social networks, displays material via a chronological feed rather than through the use of personalization algorithms. It also does not make money from advertisements.

Instead, Hive enables you to access more storage spaces for the music you listen to the most. The listing for this program on the App Store indicates that purchasing a second slot will set you back $0.99, while purchasing a third and fourth slot will cost you $1.99 each.

Hive can only be viewed on mobile devices running the iOS or Android operating systems, Because it does not yet have a desktop client.

Download the Hive app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store if you wish to become a member of the Hive community.

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