Transport operators threaten to increase fares by 20%

The Coalition of Transport Unions and Associations has threatened to raise transport costs by 20% if the government does not cut back on some of the levies that are contributing to the rise in the cost of petroleum.

The group believes that the government should get rid of the sanitation and pollution fees as well as the duty on the energy sector in order to relieve the needless strain that is being placed on drivers and other customers.

Transport operators threaten to increase fares by 20%

David Agboado, the National Public Relations Officer for the Concerned Drivers Association, recently gave an interview to Citi News in which he stated that the organization has issued a two-week deadline to the government demanding that it take the necessary action.

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“We began our endeavour quite some time ago, in June of 2021, when we wrote to the government, and in response, it dispatched ministers to meet with us. We deliberated, and we are aware that the price stabilization and recovery levy is no longer working, the energy sector levy is no longer working, and the sanitation and pollution levy is no longer working; we have issued a statement to that effect; however, we are not seeing anything, and we are giving the government two weeks to do something else; otherwise, we will increase fares by twenty percent.

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