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Thais Baker Cause of Death: What Happened to Fred Couples?

Fred thinks back to one of the most tragic events that has happened to him since he came into this world 13 years ago. In hindsight, the year in question was the one in which he had his poorest performance on his preferred golf course and when he broke up with his long-time lover, Thais Baker.

Thais Baker Cause of Death: What Happened to Fred Couples?

According to Fred, his ex-wife, Thais Baker, passed away in 2013 from breast cancer in the house they shared in Santa Barbara, which is located around two hours to the north. It appears that she had filed for divorce from Fred before she passed away, but the divorce was not formalized for a very long time.

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In 1998, Fred and Baker wed, despite the fact that she was given a breast cancer diagnosis just a few short weeks after the couple first began dating. Gigi and Oliver were the two children that she and her former husband had together.

Despite the fact that the couple had split up, he moved back in with his wife in March of 2007, but the effort at reconciliation failed after just half a year. Further, Fred Couple asserted that Thais was a great lady; yet, we did not get along with each other, and we did not divorce until she passed away.

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