Stop Saying Good Night, Use These Phrases Instead


My darling. I trust the stars in the night sky lead you to a beautiful and good night this evening. Rest soundly

May the stars and evening glow sparkle brilliantly on your evening. Have a goodbye

Prior to hitting the sack, thank God for one more day to live and a decent night’s rest. Goodbye. May God favor you.

Goodbye, love. You are my most valuable fortune.

Consistently before I hit the hay, I express gratitude toward God for giving me to you. Goodbye, child.

Regardless of how awful the day was, consistently attempt to end it with positive considerations. Attempt to zero in on the following day and expectation for a sweet dream.

You have countless motivations to say thanks to God, however first say thanks to him for such a tranquil night like this. What a delighted night for a decent rest. Goodbye!

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May you have a sound rest and get up tomorrow with new expectations and positive energy. Great night to you!

I really want nothing else to warm me up as long as you love me. Since the glow of your adoration is all I really want. Goodbye!

Set your concerns to the side and let your body feel the delicate quality of your bed and the glow of your cover. May you have a quiet rest this evening!


Great night dear. Tomorrow, you will have an incredible day. . Just make sure your body is prepared to handle tomorrow’s challenges. Be well-rested!

I could keep awake and chat with you until the sun comes up. Gratitude for being the dearest companion I might at any point request. Goodbye.

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. While you rest this evening, may heavenly messengers look after you and safeguard you from hurt

BY: Randy Osei Akoto Citixen

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