Snr. nurse commits suicide after girlfriend allegedly threatens to leave him

Atinga Aniyiri David, a senior registered nurse working at the Kpasera CHPS Compound in the Mpaha Health Zone of the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region, has taken his own life.

According to alleged reports, the dead man’s girlfriend was upset with him and threatened to break up with him after an argument they had.

According to the accounts, the nurse was unable to live with the threats and ultimately made the decision to take his own life.

A few of the facility’s occupants went outside and discovered him behind the building, where they found him strung up from a nearby tree with a rope around his neck.

It was decided to get in touch with the member of the Assembly who represents this region, Japo Mohammed, and have him report the event to the police in Mpaha.

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Before beginning their employment at the Kpasera CHPS Compound two years ago, the departed was formerly employed at the Mpaha Health Center.

When the event took place, the person in charge of the facility as well as another member of staff were not there.

At the time that this report was being written, the deceased’s body was in the process of being brought to the Damongo Government Hospital for an autopsy and to be preserved.

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