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Christian Atsu’s senior brother narrates how family dealt with news

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Isaac Teye Twasam, the older brother of Christian Atsu, has recounted how the family responded to the news that their cousin had vanished after the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

The Hatayspor footballer, who is 31 years old, scored the game-winning goal on Sunday night to give his side a significant victory; however, the celebrations were cut short due to the tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

Atsu was recovered the next morning, on Tuesday, after spending the previous 26 hours buried beneath debris. He is currently receiving care at a medical facility.

Isaac notes that it was hard to take the news in, but they are really thankful that their loved one is still with them.

“At the time I was notified about the event, I was collecting lunch money from the students at the school.” After I heard that, I came to a stop, turned around to go home, and once I got there, I laid down on the floor and switched off my phone, as I later explained to Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV on YouTube.

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“When we heard the news, we were all shaken up, but we found comfort in the story of how God delivered Jonah from the stomach of the great fish. As a result, we were certain that Atsu would return to us in one piece.

Therefore, we continued to pray in the same manner as Ghanaians did. We were encouraged by the numerous phone calls that were made to us.

“On Monday evening, we heard stories in the media that he had survived, but we needed to clarify this information with his club and management first.

“When I contacted Atsu’s agent to confirm the various rumors about his whereabouts, he denied the allegations that he was found in the evening. Following that phone conversation, the anxiety worsened. “It was nearly too much for me to handle,” he said.

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Isaac Twasam said in his statement that they have made contact with Atsu’s wife, who is based in London. He reported that she, the footballer’s children, and everyone else were doing well.

After that, he went on to thank all Ghanaians for the outpouring of love they had shown when they heard the news.

I had no idea Atsu had so many lovers until recently. As calls came in from many sections of Ghana, including from strangers who all phoned to stand in solidarity, I was incredibly happy.

Hannah and Peace Twasam, both sisters of Christian Atsu, expressed their profound appreciation to the Ghanaians who had shown care for their family.

According to them, distinctions in religious affiliation and tribe membership were irrelevant because they got calls from a diverse group of individuals expressing concern and compassion for them.

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