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School feeding caterers declare nationwide strike over unpaid arrears

After the government failed to pay them their arrears and increase the amount per child, the school feeding program’s caterers announced a statewide strike.

The irate caterers, who came from various parts of the nation and gathered in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region, emphasized that their current situation leaves them with no choice but to lay down their tools.

The caterers complained that they are experiencing difficult economic times as a result of the scenario during a news conference.

Thus, the caterers’ leadership has urged all of its members to participate in the strike in order to put pressure on the government to address their issues as soon as feasible.

Gifty Asamoah, one of the caterers’ leaders, told the media that they have used up all of their money and have not heard from the government regarding when they will receive their arrears.

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Despite offering necessary services in schools, she alleged that school caterers do not receive the same degree of respect as other professions.

“School feeding caterers are state employees like teachers, police, doctors, nurses, and other professionals, but we face discrimination.

Why does the government treat caterers differently when it may fail to pay teachers for even one month? It is necessary to violate our human rights since a contract is a contract.

Additionally, the caterers have vowed to hold a nationwide protest if their debts are not settled as soon as possible.

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