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Richard Duncan Nkrumah-Resilient empowers youth to address social inequalities and promote human and community development in the Western North Region


Mr. Richard Duncan Nkrumah spent his childhood in the community of Sefwi Bodi, which is located within the Bodi area. In 2010, he attended Bodi Roman Catholic JHS, where he began and finished his elementary and secondary education. His educational pursuits proceeded at Juaboso Senior High School, which he graduated from in the year 2015. Mr. Duncan attended the University of Education in Winneba to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology Education.


Further Educational Accomplishments

• I am currently enrolled at the University of Education Winneba to pursue a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree in Biology.

• Currently enrolled in Regent University’s Diploma in Sales and Marketing through Coursera; reading it.

• A Certificate in Computer Networking from Alison Training Institutes 2020, with a Specialization in Digital Network Security

• Have a Certificate in Programming in C++

Mr. Duncan’s primary objective is to encourage young people from the Western North to become involved in student leadership and to work toward the enhancement of their own communities. Also, one of his goals is to equip young people with the skills necessary for active leadership, including self-reliance, honesty, altruistic service, industrial expertise, patriotism, and discipline.

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He is of the opinion that it is essential to provide young people with opportunities for leadership in order to facilitate their growth and prepare them to become helpful adults in their respective communities.

Likewise, Mr. Duncan is of the opinion that encouraging young people to participate in the generation of fresh ideas for community improvement by giving them the opportunity to do so enhances the possibility that they will do so.

This demonstrates to young people that they are welcome to participate in the decision-making process, that they are capable of making sound decisions, and that they know enough about topics to make significant contributions to the debates that take place. In a similar vein, young people who have an interest in their town’s politics and a desire to work for the public sector, in addition to those who believe that their community requires improved services, are more likely to become involved and be groomed.

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The examples that follow are some of Mr. Duncan’s experiences in leadership roles.

• Vice President of NUSSA for the University of Education Chapter in 2019

• President, Western Region Student Union, 2019

Chairperson of the Entertainment Committee for the Biological Science Student Association for the 2019 Academic Year

• Elected to Serve on the Committee for the Association of Science Education Students in 2017

Experience Gained Through Labor

• Serving as the current Chief Executive Officer of Duncan I.T. Solution Services

• Serving as the Sales Manager for KAM Trading and Farming Limited at the present time

• Positions available for Teaching Assistant and National Service Person in the Science Departments at Wiawso College of Education 2020-2021

Perspective on the Western and Northern

Mr. Duncan wants to encourage resilient youth from the Western North to engage in critical thinking about the ways in which individuals and youth-led organizations can address social inequalities, set up good learning environments, and help people learn skills, competencies, and ways of doing things that help people and communities grow. His goal is to get these youth to think about how they can address social inequalities, set up good learning environments, and help people learn.

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