REVENGE OR REPEAT: Ghana Battles Luiz Suarez Again After 2010 Famous Handball to Deny Ghana Semi-Final.

REVENGE OR REPEAT: Ghana Battles Luiz Suarez Again After 2010 Famous Handball to Deny Ghana Semi-Final.

The 2010 World Cup quarterfinal encounter between Uruguay and Ghana that took place in South Africa in 2010 is considered by many to be one of the most memorable World Cup matches ever played.

This was a game that had everything: drama, controversy, heartache, a villain, and a hero—interestingly, all roles were portrayed by the same individual. It took place on a stressful evening in Johannesburg.

Luis Suarez was declared persona non grata in Ghana as a result of his role as Uruguay’s savior on that night. As a result, he was given the moniker “El Diablo,” which translates to “The Devil.”

Suárez used his hands to deflect a potential game-winning goal that was on its way toward the line as extra time was winding down with the score tied at 1-1. If Ghana had scored that goal, they would have become the first African team in the annals of World Cup history to go to the semifinals.

Instead, Suarez was shown a red card, and Asamoah Gyan, the outstanding player and captain of Ghana, missed the penalty kick. The images of Suarez passionately celebrating the miss in the tunnel became one of the most memorable moments of that World Cup, and it further infuriated the Ghanaian supporters, who were already on fire.

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The Ghana team ultimately failed to win the ensuing penalty shootout and, with it, the opportunity for the squad to make history.

Now, only a few days before the first match between these two teams since that unforgettable night more than a decade ago, Suárez is adamant that he has nothing for which he should apologize.

“I’m not sorry about it…According to Reuters, Suarez assured reporters in the lead-up to the rematch that the player in question would fail to convert a penalty kick. “Perhaps I will be able to say that I am sorry to the player if I end up injuring them and get a red card.”

However, the referee called a penalty after I was shown a red card in this circumstance. Because I didn’t mess up, I can’t be held responsible for this. “It is not incumbent upon me to take the penalty shot.”

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Although it is said that “time heals all wounds,” Ghana’s views toward Suárez have not improved with the passage of time, despite the common proverb. In the immediate aftermath of the Black Stars’ thrilling 3-2 victory against South Korea at Qatar 2022, exuberant supporters were already screaming for El Pistolero outside of Education City Stadium.


The stakes are quite high once again, although they are not nearly as exceptionally high as they were in 2010.On Friday, Andre Dede Ayew’s Black Stars will compete against Uruguay in a match that will be very important in determining whether either side advances to the round of 16.

Ghana is aware that a win will ensure its progression to the knockout rounds of the competition, but a draw will also be enough if Portugal is victorious over South Korea.

However, in order for Uruguay to advance, they must first get a victory, and even then they must keep their fingers crossed that South Korea is unable to defeat Portugal.

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According to Reuters, Ghana coach Otto Addo commented on the handball by saying, “It’s all about perspective.” “If the same event had happened the other way around and Ghana had advanced to the semifinals, everyone would have said:

‘OK, it’s natural that a player will do everything he can.'” “If the same incident had happened the other way around and Ghana had advanced to the semifinals,”

“This is what I desire from every player—to do everything he can to help his side qualify to serve and sometimes sacrifice himself with a red card,” the coach said. “This is what I wish from every player.”

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