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Poonam Sinha Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Miss World, Parents, Movies

Poonam Sinha Biography

Poonam Sinha is a politician in India; however, she began her career as an actress and a fashion model. Poonam Sinha is currently serving as the Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs. Earlier on in her career, while she was working in Hindi movies, she was known by her screen name, which was Komal.

Poonam Sinha competed for the title of Miss Young India in 1968 and ended up winning the competition. Her life is shared with her partner in acting and politics, Shatrughna Sinha, who is also her spouse. In addition to her work as an actress, she produced two movies and had starring roles in other Hindi films over her career.

Acting Career

Poonam Sinha was billed as Komal in a number of films, including Jigri Dost and Dil Diwana, among others, in which she had a prominent part. Her credits for these films are under that name. She will co-star with Shatrughan Sinha in the movie Sabak, which was a big break for her in 1973. Following several months apart, the pair finally got married in 1980. They had initially spoken to one another in the earlier stages of their travel while they were both staying in a train cabin.

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After being married, she very much stopped working in the performing profession so that she could devote all of her attention to the children the couple had.

In the 2008 film Jodha Akbar, she made her acting debut after a lengthy hiatus of thirty years, playing the character of Mallika Hamida Banu Begum, the mother of Emperor Akbar. This was her first role in the entertainment industry. Hrithik Roshan is one of the stars of this movie, which was directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Political Career

On April 16, 2019, she became a member of the Samajwadi Party, and on the same day, her husband Shatrughan Sinha quit his post in the BJP and joined the Indian National Congress. Rajnath Singh won the election for the Lok Sabha seat representing Lucknow, but she did not (Lok Sabha constituency).

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Poonam Sinha Shatrughan Sinha, an accomplished Indian actor and politician, is her spouse. He is also a household name. They have a daughter who is a successful actress in Bollywood, as well as two boys named Luv Sinha and Kush Sinha who are also performers in the Bollywood film industry.


At the moment, she, her husband, their two sons, and their daughter Sonakshi all make their home at the building that they call Ramayan, which is located in Juhu.

Poonam Sinha daughter, Sonakshi, has explained that she chooses to live with her parents rather than in her own apartment because she is a “mommy’s girl” and because she has more space at her parents’ house than she does in her own apartment, which is more like a studio. Sonakshi further remarked that the space in her parents’ house is more than sufficient for her needs.

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