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Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant Biography

J.E. Bamidele Sturdivant, Sr., the pastor of Faith United Ministries, is well-known across the world as a blessing to the body of Christ. Millions of people have been led to the cross by him, and many of God’s people have been set free and healed thanks to his special ability to convey Bible truths in a way that is both straightforward and impactful.

J.E. Sturdivant was born and raised in Washington, but he has a spiritual connection to Nigeria because of his friendship with E.A. Adeboye, his father in the Lord. Adeboye, who was designated one of the world’s 50 most influential individuals by Newsweek, adopted J.E. Sturdivant as his own son and provided for him in innumerable ways.

His father, J.E. Sturdivant, reared Adeboye and gave him the nickname “Bamidele,” which translates to “follow me home.”

Their bond is comparable to that of the prophets Elijah and Elisha. Bamidele has witnessed Adeboye advance in his faith and achieve new heights, much like these heroes of God from the Bible. He has adopted the same role in return.

Bamidele’s ministry has been filled with miracles ever since God brought them together. The numerous accounts of genuine life-after-death healings, cancer recoveries, and incredible breakthroughs on every level provide evidence that God truly did operate through his life and ministry.

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Bamidele is a well-known and in-demand teacher and evangelist who travels widely to spread the gospel in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With more than 34 years of marriage, J. E. Bamidele and his wife Pamela D. have four adult children.

Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant Wife

Dr. Pamela D. Sturdivant, the husband’s wife, is a talented educator. God has instructed her to break the bonds that shackle women’s minds, bodies, and emotions. She consistently behaves in a way that demonstrates her integrity, which encourages people to see that God is waiting to heal even the darkest grief we experience.

She has a talent from God that enables her to minister with the dexterity and accuracy of a surgeon. She “rightly divides” God’s word and employs it to set His people free from restraints.

Thousands of women’s lives have been changed as a result of Dr. Sturdivant’s straightforward yet effective method of spreading the gospel. For her lectures on “Generational Curses: Breaking the Ties That Bind,” Dr. Sturdivant is well known.

Her love for women has motivated women of various ages and socioeconomic levels to fulfill their potential and live more fully. She possesses the gift of administration and has contributed to Faith United Ministries’ ability to function at a high level that honors and upholds Christ.

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Dr. Sturdivant, like the Proverbs women, is an entrepreneur and the creator of YOU-Nique Designs, a non-profit company that creates baskets and a variety of “one-of-a-kind” presents for all events. She helps broken women all around the world with the money she earns through this company.

She is connected to God through her spiritual covering, and this connection has helped her understand God’s calling on her life.

North Carolina is where Dr. Sturdivant was born and raised. By enrolling in classes in psychology, sociology, and theories of human behavior, she has made the most of her existence. Dr. Sturdivant is married to Pastor J.E. Sturdivant of Faith United Ministries. Her four amazing children, J. Eric, Joel, JaNeise, and JaNette, make her proud to be their mother.

Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant Age

At the time this piece was being written, nothing was known.

Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant Career

Dr. Sturdivant has built a reputation as a top academic who has “learned to show himself approved to God” (II Timothy 2:15) and excelled in the world of theological scholars.

On the 25th anniversary of Faith United Ministries and the 30th anniversary of Dr. P.D. Sturdivant’s preaching career, St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida, bestowed honorary doctorates of divinity degrees on both of them.

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President Barack Obama, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, and the Honorable James L. Walls, Jr., Mayor of District Heights, Maryland, all took notice of these distinct qualities. These three people are all located in Maryland.

Dr. Sturdivant also has a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in ministry in addition to his doctorate. The good biblical lessons he provides in response serve to remind the world that purity and excellence are the real distinguishing characteristics of each and every Christian.

In order to lead a prayer there with President Barack Obama, who was also serving in the Senate at the time as the Senator from Illinois, Dr. Sturdivant was selected to serve as the guest chaplain in the US Senate. Political and community leaders have also praised him for his anointed and potent preaching style, which has gained him fame.

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