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Owusu Bempah Blast Mahama Over this issue, Check it out

Ernest Owusu Bempah, the Deputy Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), stated that the inability of former President John Dramani Mahama to compile his own election results in the general elections of 2016 and 2020 demonstrated the former president’s level of incompetence. These elections took place in Ghana.

Owusu Bempah stated that Mr. Mahama has no right to attack the competence of the Electoral Commission and its chair, Jean Mensa, because he has no idea how to collect the results of the election.

Owusu Bempah’s comments came after Mr. Mahama said that one thing that struck him during his pre-election mission in Nigeria for the West African Elders Forum (WAEF) was how confident all of the candidates and parties were in the Independent Electoral Commission.

Owusu Bempah’s comments come after Mr. Mahama said that one thing that struck him during his mission was the confidence that all of the candidates and parties expressed in the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC).

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According to him, all of the parties testified that INEC had listened to them and taken their concerns into account.

Unfortunately, in a statement he issued, he stated, “I can’t say the same for my Electoral Commission (EC), which was once among the best election management agencies in the world.”

It is common knowledge that the Chairperson of the European Commission and her fellow Commissioners hold a particular political party in contempt. How I wish that our very own EC could instill the same level of confidence in each and every one of its constituents!

Mahama continued by saying, “Regrettably, I am not hopeful that this will happen when we have an EC that has flagrantly spurned all efforts by the National Peace Council to host a meeting between the Commission and the two major political parties, the NDC and NPP.”

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Mahama was referring to the fact that the National Peace Council had attempted to host a meeting between the Commission and the NDC and NPP.

In response to Mr. John Mahama, Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah told that the former president “has demonstrated his incompetence in opposition by attacking the EC; it tells that he doesn’t know anything about elections; he is the only incumbent president who lost elections by over 1 million votes when he even appointed the Electoral Commissioner, unprecedented in the history of Africa and Ghana.

“Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah also stated that, this demonstrates that he is not qualified in any way, and he has no right to make accusations against the EC.

Bempah continued by saying, “He has no business because he lost more than one million votes.” If he has anything to criticize, it should be his incompetence; he can’t even compile his results.

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As we speak, the NDC has no idea how to compile results; they lied to their supporters and went to court to waste everyone’s time. If he has anything else to criticize, it should be his incompetence.

John Mahama maligned the judicial system, attacked the Electoral Commission and other state institutions, and denigrated traditional authorities and the clergy. If he has not yet learned his lesson, he should refrain from interfering with the work of the EC.

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