NDC Western North Regional Chairman Awards Full University Scholarship to 400 Students.

Hon. Michael Aidoo, also known as Big Aidoo, is the Regional Chairman of the NDC in the Western North Region. He has recently bestowed a “lifetime gift” in the form of full university scholarships on 400 students who are currently enrolled in a variety of programs at KAAF University College in Kasoa, which is located in the Central Region.

The founder of KAAF University College and a former president of the Road Contractors Association of Ghana, who is also a native of Sefwi, gave advice to the recipients of the scholarship to work diligently on their studies in order to attain academic success. The people who benefited from the chairman’s efforts expressed their gratitude, and they assured him that they would do all in their power to ensure that his money was not wasted on their education.

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NDC Western North Regional Chairman Awards Full University Scholarship to 400 Students.
HON. Michael Aidoo – NDC Western North Regional Chairman

During an interview with Hon. Asiedu Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai NDC Constituency Organizer, the Organizer revealed that the chairman of the organization, Big Aidoo, has been offering scholarships to students in the Western North Region and that the scholarship program that is being offered this year is not a new thing. He said that the Chairman had previously provided full scholarships to 320 students who were pursuing their education at the aforementioned university. According to what he claimed, there would be 80 students receiving full scholarships beginning with the academic year 2022/23.

The question that naturally arises is, “What criteria did he utilize in order to provide scholarships to potential students?” Now, according to Hon. Asiedu, the scholarship decisions made by the chairman have nothing to do with politics. He highlighted that students living in the Western North Region, regardless of their ethnicity, are eligible for the scholarship provided they get a passing score on the Wassce exam and receive confirmation from their local District Assembly or Traditional Council that they are residents of the region.

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NDC Western North Regional Chairman Awards Full University Scholarship to 400 Students.
Beneficiaries of the Scholarship

“The purpose of providing full university scholarships to students in the region is to dispel the idea that students in the region depend on the cocoa fields their parents own for their survival while simultaneously promoting education. “The goal is to reward 1,000 students who want to continue tertiary education and also reduce the financial burden from parents in these hard economic times,” he added.

Hon. Asiedu praised his chairman for the thoughtful gesture, especially in light of the current state of the nation’s economy. He also gave his assurances to the members of the party that they would continue to work diligently and cohesively in order to support the chairman and the party as a whole in their efforts to win the general elections in 2024.

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