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Man killed by lion at Accra Zoo

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According to the Forestry Commission, the man who allegedly rushed into the lion enclosure at the Accra Zoo on Sunday afternoon and was attacked by a lion has been recognized as dead. He was hurt, and after he passed away, his body was carried to the mortuary. The reason for the intrusion is still a mystery.


Security at the zoo discovered his dead body about midday. Officials of the Accra Zoo discovered a middle-aged man (an intruder) had jumped the security fences and entered the Zoo’s lion enclosure around 12 p.m. on Sunday, according to a statement made by the Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission, John Allotey, under whose authority the Accra Zoo falls (August 28, 2022).


Within the inner railing of the cage, one of the lions attacked and injured the intruder. The successful enticing of the lions into a secure cage and the invitation of the Achimota Police to transport the body and launch an investigation were credited to the Accra Zoo administration.
We want to reiterate that the lion, the lioness, and the two pups are still securely contained in the Accra Zoo.

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