Lots of negatives surrounded my appointment – Otto Addo Speaks

Lots of negatives surrounded my appointment – Otto Addo Speaks

Otto Addo, who is stepping down as head coach of the senior national team known as the Black Stars, has stated that there were many criticisms leveled against his hiring.

After Ghana was eliminated from the World Cup, Head Coach Addo had a press conference in which he declared his intention to step down from his position as Head Coach of the Black Stars.

During a press conference held at the hotel where the squad is staying in Doha, the tactician for Dortmund stated that his hiring was received with a lot of criticism and that some Ghanaians hoped he would be unsuccessful.

He stated, “I would never comprehend the mindset of individuals who believe against a person's failure.” “Some humans are doing this, and I would never understand it.” “I would never understand it.”

The former player of the Black Stars stated that he did not feel threatened by the allegations made against him because of the experience he had gained playing for both his club team and the national team.

“I have no fear of any of your critiques because I've been in this business for such a long time and I'm accustomed to it.” He explained, “For me, it is not an issue; the only thing I dread is God.” I don't fear anything else.

He said that if his team had won, he would have liked for Ghanaians to question the changes he made to get back at the people who were criticizing him.

“When we lose, the first question is why did you do this and that; when we win, no questions are raised against me,” he continued. “When we lose, it's easy because the first question is, why did you do this and that?”

The coach, who is 47 years old, was speaking about the Black Stars' exhibition match against Switzerland when he remarked that the same detractors would have questioned why his important players were sitting on the bench if the Black Stars had lost that game.

He asked the media to not use their platform as a way to bash players or coaches, but rather to use it as a way to promote players and coaches.

Coach Addo has decided to focus solely on his role as a trainer coach for his club team, Dortmund, after stepping down as head coach of the Ghanaian national team.

As a result of Ghana's loss against Uruguay in their last Group H encounter, they were eliminated from the competition before moving on to the round of 16. The score of the match was 2-0 in favor of Uruguay.

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