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JFK Sacks Hopeson Adorye From His Camp

There is a saying that when there is an action, there will always be a reaction. This idiom is valid and is material in each circle of life, particularly inside the political space.

Hopeson Adorye’s expressions have gotten enormous reactions from the general population and even the big cats of the New Patriotic Party. These responses have been unconstrained, and the most recent to jump into the fight is the chosen General Secretary of the party, Justin Frimpong Kodua.

News exuding from tenable stages has it that the main scribbler has sacked Hopeson Adorye from his camp clearly in view of the remarks from the refined man which has been labeled as sad by most individuals from the party.

It is reported he offered the comments “In our party, Northerners are good for running mates” during a health walk named “Aduro Wo So,” which was coordinated to honor the aspiring presidential candidate of their party.

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Thousands march through the principal streets of Kumasi wearing white shirts with the engraving “Alan for change.”

This is perfect. NPP needs a united front coming in 2024. It doesn’t make any difference who wins; they are one addressing a unified ideological group. Whether you’re a Northerner, an Akan, or from Volta, the moment you join NPP you become one of them. Remarks that try to divide the party ought not to be tolerated.

Story By Randy Osei Akoto Citixen

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