How Did Laura Linney Meet Her Husband?

How Did Laura Linney Meet Her Husband?

Marc Schauer is a dedicated family man who adores his wife and children. However, he is more than simply the spouse of a well-known actress in the industry. He got his start in real estate by working his way up from the bottom. He has also been of considerable use to society through the work that he does as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Who is this Marc Schauer who is married to Laura Linney?
On April 5, 1960, Marc Schauer made his debut in the world in Telluride, Colorado.

Regrettably, very little information is known regarding his childhood, particularly with regard to his parents, siblings, and educational background.

Before he met Laura Linney, he had never before been in the spotlight in any capacity whatsoever. In addition, he is a private individual with little to no online presence.

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How did Laura Linney and Marc Schauer meet?

In 2004, Marc Schauer and Laura Linney crossed paths during a film festival held in Schauer’s hometown of Telluride, Colorado, in the United States.

As a VIP host, he was guiding Laura around the event and serving as a link between the gathering and the local community. He has been married to Laura Linney for a number of years, and they have a child together.

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