Grace Helbig: YouTube star sadly reveals breast cancer diagnosis

Grace Helbig, a well-known presenter and YouTube personality from the United States, has disclosed that she has been given a breast cancer diagnosis.

Grace Helbig, who is 37 years old and said she obtained her “shocking” and “surreal” diagnosis around a month ago, said she did so after tentatively speaking to her doctor after discovering a little lump in her breast.

She did emphasize, though, that it was “extremely treatable and very easily beaten.”

Grace Helbig promised to “conquer” the sickness while also pushing other women to be on the lookout for any potential symptoms.

Grace Helbig: YouTube star reveals breast cancer diagnosis

“Get those lumps checked out,” she advised people who listened to her. “Also, do not be afraid to ask the doctor what you think might be a stupid question,” the speaker continued.


The comedienne and internet personality, who catapulted to stardom in the early days of YouTube and currently has more than two million subscribers, is famous for her comic vlogs as well as her participation in viral challenges.

Grace Helbig stated that she had been confused about how to bring up her issues with her gynecologist because she was worried about looking like “a stupid little girl that did not know how girl bodies worked.” She said that this was the reason why she had been unsure about how to bring up her concerns.

She continued by adding that she had been diagnosed with “triple positive” cancer and thanked God that she had “listened to that little voice inside of me that finally got the courage to bring it up to her because she also thought it was abnormal.”

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What exactly does it mean when breast cancer is triple-positive?

Some breast cancers are helped along in their progression by hormones that are already present in the body, such as the hormone oestrogen. These malignancies are referred to as hormone receptor-positive cancers.

Breast cancer that tests positive for oestrogen, progesterone, and HER2 is referred to as triple-positive breast cancer.

These tumors are considerably more likely to respond favorably to medication treatments that target these hormones in order to assist in preventing the cancer cells from proliferating and developing.

Helbig and Mamrie Hart were the brains behind the podcast This Might Get Weird, from which Helbig went on to host her own comic talk programme, The Grace Helbig Programme, on the E! Network beginning in 2015.

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In the HBO programme Jellystone, she has provided the voice of Cindy Bear ever since the year 2021.

Grace Helbig mentioned that the current course of her treatment entails six rounds of chemotherapy and then hormone therapy.

She went on to say that “we are going for cure here,” rather than remission. “Which is energizing, encouraging, helpful, and excellent.”

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