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Frederick Leonard Biography And Why He Is Still Single At The Age Of 46.

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Before we get into the biography of this actor and the reasons why we are writing this article, let us talk a little about his personal appearance.

Looking at the various African male actors on our screens in this 21st century, he is one of the most presentable, charming, Fluent, Handsome, and above all, very passionate about the roles he plays in the movies. These qualities make him stand tall in every movie that you and I watch, especially when he is playing a leading role.

Frederick Leonard Biography And Why He Is Still Single At The Age Of 46

Frederick Leonard was born on May 1st, 1976 in Anambra State, Nigeria, and his main occupation is acting. He is the first child of his parents and an Igbo by the tribe.

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As we know death is a chain hanging around the neck of every human being, he lost his father in the year 2000, leaving his mother to take care of him and his sister.

In 2016, which is years after the death of his father, he also lost his mother to death, which affected him so much that it took him a very long time to get back on his feet. This should tell you that his mum meant a lot to him.

Educational Background

Frederick Leonard went to Kaduna state Polytechnic and is a graduate of Biochemistry, acting was his greatest passion so he ventured into it in 2008 and life has been very fair to him since he entered the movie industry.

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As am writing now one of the TV series that made me get to see he has a passion for what he does was Disclosure, a Nigerian TV series that was very exciting to watch in the past year, as now he has played leading roles and has also been featured in uncountable Nigerian drama films and TV series as well and has also won many awards, his net worth around est$500,000.

Frederick Leonard’s marital status

Frederick Leonard 2

Looking at his personality one may ask why he is still single at the age of 46, but we should all know when it comes to relationships every man knows what he wants, the kind of woman he wants to settle down with since it is going to be a long life journey, he has been in and out of so many relationships.

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At the age of 44, he was asked why he is still single and this was what he said, as the Bible says it is not good for a man to be alone, I believe in marriage and i do not want to end up miserable so I want to be with someone who I have so many things in common with and that person should be someone I will be compatible with. So being still single at 46 means he has still not found the kind of woman he is compatible with.

By: Ernest Asamoah

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