What Is Fix The Country

FixTheCountry is a group that advocates for Ghana's social and economic development. It is non-partisan, non-governmental, and autonomous, and its members include ordinary Ghanaians, middle-class individuals, and celebrities. It was first utilized on May 4, 2021, when millions of Ghanaians took to Twitter with the hashtag #FixTheCountry in an effort to voice their disapproval of the government as well as the state of the Ghanaian economy.

Within the first twenty-four hours after its introduction, the hashtag was used in an online campaign that encouraged people to demonstrate on the streets. The hashtag “Fix The Country” was gaining popularity among social media users in Ghana in an effort to put pressure on the country's administration to make life better for its citizens. The social media initiative is moving away from the digital realm and taking its first baby steps into the real world. The new movement has a number of demands, some of which include an increase in jobs, an end to corruption, lower taxes, and improved educational standards.

 fix the country

Some Problems facing The Country

Ernesto Yeboah, an activist with the group Economic Fighters League, claims that the present movement got its start because young people in the country had the perception that the people in authority in the country were not listening to what they had to say. “We're famished. It does not appear that things will go well. Things are not going as planned. It's not easy being alive. And you won't hear about it in the media.”

Citizens have had a difficult time securing employment that provides them with an income that is sufficient to support their fundamental costs of living. “Infuriatingly, I am a 28-year-old woman who graduated from high school in 2016 and I am still looking for a job to pay for my rent, my energy bills, my water bills, my clothing, the necessities for traveling, and my food. It is not a simple task.”

The video that is now being displayed above was published on 2rVisionTV. This video demonstrates many of the problems that Ghana is experiencing, including students drawing keyboards with chalk on their tables as an alternative to using a physical keyboard for their schoolwork, inadequate road networks, unfinished bridges that lead to flooding, and a variety of other issues that are plaguing the country.

People in the community, particularly young people, are calling with the government to assist them and take action in order to improve their chances in the economy. If the people of this country chip in and help move this agenda ahead, then we can be confident that our nation will be stabilized as quickly as possible. #FixTheCountry.


I am Kwabena Annor, the CEO of 2R Vision News. I am a journalist and a professional SEO content writer. I write about politics, Tech, Entertainment, and any other niche you can think about.

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