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Feza Kessy Biography

Feza Tadei Kessy, a famous Tanzanian artist, dancer, model, and businesswoman. She was born on August 24, 1988. She is also a famous person who became well-known after participating in the eighth season of Big Brother Africa in 2013, when she represented her native Tanzania. She was kicked out of the Big Brother Africa program, but she didn’t stop pursuing her passion for music.

Feza Kessy
Feza Kessy


Feza Kessy Early Years

Feza Kessy’s full name is Feza Tadei Kessy, which reflects the meaning of Feza, which is “money.” Feza Kessy is a Tanzanian artist who has been performing professionally since she was 32 years old. She was born on August 24, 1988. August 24, 2021, will mark her 33rd birthday.

Feza Kessy was born and has always resided in Tanzania, which is a nation in Africa. She was born in Nairobi, a well-known Kenyan city, not in the country she currently calls home; instead, one of her parents gave birth to her there. In that town, she was both born and raised.

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Feza Kessy Family

The youngest of her family’s four children is Feza Kessy. In addition to her younger brother, she is the third child of her parents, who also have an elder brother and an older sister. Of the three siblings, she is the youngest.

Feza Kessy has never ceased thanking and admiring her mother for being a pillar of strength, and she frequently asserts that her mother is the role model she most admires.

Feza Kessy Education

Feza Kessy attended her first two schools in Nairobi and Arusha when she started her basic and secondary education. She went back to her home country of Tanzania after getting her diploma in IT, and she went back there again before going to the UK to finish her bachelor’s degree in business management.

Feza Kessy Career

Feza Kessy is a model, songwriter, and singer in addition to being a successful entrepreneur. The well-known actress got her start in the business as a child by imitating fashion industry models. She won the title of beauty queen in 2005, and by the time she was 17 years old, she had also won the titles of Miss Ilala, Miss Dar City Center, and Tanzania’s Runner Up.

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Feza Kessy
Feza Kessy


Feza Kessy continued to represent her country with pride by taking part in the Big Brother Africa TV reality show, where she made history by becoming the first female contestant to nearly reach the championship round before being eliminated.

Feza Kessy then exerted every effort possible to honor her country. The name of her debut song, Amani ya Moyo, which was made public in 2013, She later went on to write the catchy song with the title “My Papa,” which helped fuel her quick ascent to popularity.

Feza Kessy signed a deal with Panaq Music in 2015, and soon after, the record company asked her to feature in Macky 2’s song “Living My Life.” Feza Kessy signed a contract with D’banj’s record label on May 12th, 2021, after accepting his offer. D’banj is a renowned Nigerian artist. She has recorded one song under the DB Records imprint, titled “Bless Me.” She is also the label’s first female artist to sign.

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Feza Kessy Boyfriend

Feza Kessy asserts that she is currently seeing a sympathetic man, but she has opted not to make this claim on any of her social media accounts. Feza Kessy has named her child Jay after herself. Feza Kessy Tadei is roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall and 70 kilograms in weight.

Feza Kessy Latest Songs

Amani Ya Moyo


Bless Me

Feza Kessy Net worth

Feza Kessy is recognized as one of the most prominent and successful artists in Tanzania, and it is estimated that he is currently worth $250,000 USD.

Feza Kessy has gathered a following of more than 370,000 individuals on Instagram, where she maintains a high level of engagement. The username @Fezakessy leads to her Instagram page.

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