Edwin Chiloba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, LGBTQ, Cause of Death

Edwin Chiloba Biography

Edwin was born in Elgeyo Marakwet. Edwin Chiloba’s mother went away while he was a little boy, and many years later, he also lost his father, who had been his major source of drive. He never got over the loss of both of his parents.

After spending his formative years being moved about from relative to relative, he ultimately enrolled in the Education program at Moi University West Campus after completing his childhood spent with various relatives. It was then, among the many different school groups and chances for exposure, that he found the thing that brought him the most joy and that sparked a new love for him: fashion.

The third year of his existence was when he started dressing himself, taking part in photoshoots and pageants, and behaving in a way that his family felt to be humiliating in general.

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After being expelled from the school, he went to Nairobi in order to pursue his dream of finding employment in the fashion industry in that city.

An individual with whom they shared a common acquaintance gave the opportunity to join his modeling agency. Soon after he began working on his drawings, he had his big break in the form of a message on Facebook from a white couple who raved over how much they enjoy his designs. This message was the beginning of his career as an artist.

Edwin Chiloba enrolled at a fashion school after coming to the conclusion that he wanted to have a career in the fashion sector.

By acting as a gender-free and unconventional fashion designer, he subverted the conventional expectations that were placed on him. I ask God to provide him the peace that passes all understanding.

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