EXCLUSIVE: Why Most Ghanaians Are Denied Visa’s By The US Embassy – Robert P. Jackson

Robert Porter Jackson is a retired American Ambassador to Ghana. He is a life-long individual from the Senior Foreign Service with the position of Minister-Counselor. He has as of late been seen in an interview explaining why most Ghanaian visas are denied by the United States of America (USA) Embassy.

Addressing a Ghanaian columnist, Robert Porter Jackson said that the principal reason is that there are more Ghanaians in the United States than Nigerians, Indians, and Mexicans, among others.

This is on the grounds that every year, the American Embassy in Ghana gets about 16,000 applications from Ghanaians who need to venture out to the USA. The subsequent explanation is that most Ghanaians remained in the US for longer than the years specified in their visa. This additionally makes it difficult for new applicants to get visas.

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He additionally expressed that the rate at which Ghanaians are facing deportation is high compared with the different nations he has referenced. So if some Ghanaians in the US are facing deportation issues in light of an absence of documents and new ones are applying to go to the US, it makes the use of the new ones difficult.

Some Ghanaians, in the wake of chancing on the interview, said that they disagreed with Robert Porter Jackson. How could the number of Ghanaians in the US be more than Nigerians? As indicated by them, most Nigerians utilize Ghanaian passports to venture out to the US.

They come to Ghana and get a Ghanaian visa since they claim that our travel system here is more flexible than in their country.

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Accordingly, they told Robert Porter Jackson and the US Ambassador to cross-check their information quite well. They will figure out that what they are talking about is real.

However, these evaluations should not prevent you from applying for a US visa. Apply for them and you may be given them.

Written By Randy Osei Akoto Citixen

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