No work, no pay – Education ministry justifies directive to CETAG

The directive from the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) to withhold August salary from teachers in colleges of education who took part in the most recent strike action has been met with an explanation from the Ministry of Education.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, was kind enough to send a statement to Adom News in which he elaborated on the reasoning that led to this decision.

Education ministry justifies directive to CETAG

He questioned where CETAG expected the government to find the funds to pay them since they had not fulfilled their job responsibilities. He said this because CETAG had not performed their work obligations.

Mr. Kwarteng, reiterating that the government would not pay out salary for the month of August since the lecturers had failed to perform their tasks and were therefore ineligible for payment, said that the government would not pay out payments for the month of August.

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This order emphasizes the government’s position on the principle of “No Work, No Pay,” which maintains that one’s remuneration should correspond to the services that one provides.

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