EC sets date for 2023 voter registration; Check out the NEW requirements

Mrs. Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, recently made the announcement that the Voters’ Registration Exercise for 2023 will begin on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, and will continue through Monday, October 2nd, 2023.

Ghanaians who have reached the voting age of 18 years since the last registration in 2020 will have the opportunity to register during the registration exercise. Additionally, Ghanaians who are older than 18 years but, for a variety of reasons, were unable to register during the registration in 2020 will also have the opportunity to do so.

EC sets date for 2023 voter registration

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2 (1) of the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2016 (C.I.91), as amended, the Electoral Commission is planning to carry out a voter registration exercise throughout all 268 of its district offices.

The process of registering for the event will begin on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, and continue through Monday, October 2nd, 2023. Every day, including weekends, it will take place between the hours of eight in the morning and five in the afternoon.

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The registration exercise will be carried out in each and every one of the Commission’s 268 district offices, which includes the Guan District. To put it another way, every single district office will double as a registration centre.

As registration officials, the Commission’s staff at the district level, including district electoral officers, assistant district electoral officers, and their secretaries, will be responsible for handling the registration process.

Qualification And Requirements For Registration:

Requirements for the Registration Exercise remain the same as what pertains in the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2016 (C.I.91), (1) as amended.

A person qualifies to register to vote if he/she

• Is a citizen of Ghana
• Is 18 years of age or above
• Is of sound mind
• Is resident or ordinarily resident in an electoral area and
• Has not already registered as a voter; or
• Is not prohibited by any law in force from registering to vote

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Proof Of Eligibility/Evidence of Identification

In addition to the above, all applicants are required to show proof of eligibility by tendering any of the following identification documents.

• A National Identification Card (Ghana Card)
• Ghana Passport

Applicants who do not have any of the identification documents listed above, are required to present two people who are already registered voters to vouch for their citizenship and age.

Per law, a guarantor can guarantee for up to ten (10) eligible applicants.

It is a criminal offence to guarantee for more than ten (10) applicants. As such persons who guarantee for more than ten (10) applicants will be prosecuted. It is also a criminal offence for a guarantor to guarantee for non-citizens or minors. The Commission will identify such persons and bring them up for prosecution.

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We call on our media partners to assist us to educate the citizenry on this provision.



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