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Dylan Lyons journey into journalism was inspired by his desire to tell stories that have an effect on the communities he grew up in and around Philadelphia, where he was born and raised.

On February 22, 2023, while he was working for Spectrum News 13, he was fatally shot in Pine Hills by a suspect who had earlier returned to the scene of another deadly shooting. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“After the shooting death of one of our colleagues and the wounding of another, Spectrum News 13 has now identified the reporter who lost his life as Dylan Lyons,” the Orlando news station said on Thursday morning. “The shooting death of one of our colleagues and the wounding of another took place earlier today.”

According to a biography that can be found on the website of the news organization, Dylan Lyons started working as a multimedia journalist for Spectrum News 13 in July 2022.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 22, 2023, Dylan Lyons was in Pine Hills with the news crew covering the death of a woman who had been found shot. The incident occurred early in the morning.

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The suspect involved in the earlier shooting, Keith Melvin Moses, returned to the scene and opened fire on Dylan Lyons and a photojournalist, whom Spectrum News 13 identified as Jesse Walden. This was done in the line of duty.

Unfortunately, both Dylan Lyons and his coworker Jesse passed away right there and then. Earlier on Wednesday, Spectrum News issued a statement in which they referred to the violence as a tragedy.

“The loss of our coworker, along with the other lives that were taken needlessly today, has left us in a state of profound grief. During this extremely trying time, our thoughts are with the families, friends, and coworkers of those who are employed by our company.

We continue to keep our fingers crossed that the other member of our team who was injured will make a full recovery,” the statement said.

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The family was in the process of making her final funeral arrangements at the time this report was made, and the specifics have not yet been decided upon. You can count on us to keep you informed.

Dylan Lyons Net worth

At the time that this article was written, there was no information available regarding the net worth of Dylan Lyons.

Dylan Lyons Age

The specific date and year that Dylan Lyons entered the world are currently unknown. Nevertheless, in March of the previous year, he celebrated his 24th birthday (2022). In March of this year, Dylan would have turned 25 years old, had he lived (2023).

Dylan Lyons Height and Weight

Dylan Lyons is approximately 70 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 1.69 meters.

Dylan Lyons Cause of death

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Keith Melvin Moses, was taken into custody in Florida on suspicion of being involved in two separate shooting incidents that occurred earlier that day.

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According to Spectrum 13, a news photographer by the name of Jesse Walden and the mother of the child were both injured in the shootings.

It was reported by the station that Lyons was killed by gunfire at the same time that they were discussing another shooting.

According to the police, they believe that the same shooter, whom they believe to be Moses, returned to the scene of an earlier shooting and shot at the news crew while they were either in their car or near their car.

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