Leaked audio: NIB allegedly picks up Bugri Naabu’s aide, receptionist

Bugri Naabu, who served as the Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has stated that the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has detained his personal assistant and receptionist for questioning.

According to him, the incident occurred on Thursday morning as the individuals were making their way to the office.

During an interview that took place on Oyerapa TV on July 20, 2023, Bugri Naabu provided this information.

Leaked audio: NIB allegedly picks up Bugri Naabu’s aide, receptionist

Despite the fact that he claimed to be unaware of the circumstances surrounding the duo’s arrest, he suggested that it might be connected to an audio recording that was allegedly stolen of a plot to remove the current Inspector of Police in order to assist the ruling NPP in rigging the elections in 2024.

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“My personal assistant, SK, and my receptionist, who is also called Akua, left early in the morning to go to the workplace. When I arrived at the office, I looked for them but was unsuccessful. Because I was getting scared, I started calling them, but it was to no avail.

I have just received word that both of them are currently present at the NIB office located near the Kawukudi crossroads. The person who was waiting for them there picked them up on their way to the office. I was told that they arrived in a white automobile and forced the victims to get inside the vehicle before speeding off with them.

“I am calling some attorneys, and I am also asking you [the media] to help me address this issue. I have no idea why they were taken into custody. The tape problem has been discussed this entire week, but I have refrained from commenting on it. I am trying to stay out of trouble.

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“There are some people who are saying that it is related to the tape in some way.”

About the leaked audio

The recording that was illegally shared online and has since gained widespread attention allegedly includes a conversation between Bugri Naabu and a Police Commissioner named COP Mensah.

The audio revealed that there was a plan to remove the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, in order to make it easier to manipulate the 2018 general elections.

In the clip, the Police Commissioner can be heard asserting that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) will not permit the NPP to manipulate the 2024 elections, and he then urges the President to dismiss the IGP from his position.

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