Global Info Analytics Reveals the leading candidate between Alan and Bawumia

According to the most recent poll conducted by Global Info Analytics, Ghanaian voters give Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen a 54% preference to lead the New Patriotic Party into the 2024 elections.

“The most important news is that Alan is the favourite candidate of voters who are still undecided. He has a lot of support from voters who are undecided. Alan has maintained his steady demeanour throughout.

54% of all Ghanaian voters have indicated that they will vote for Alan and have indicated that they choose Alan as their candidate of choice. 46% of respondents indicated that they would vote for Dr. Bawumia. Among undecided voters, Kennedy Agyapong came in second with 21% of the vote.

Global Info Analytics Reveals the leading candidate between Alan and Bawumia

“He is much more popular across the country than he is within NPP as a fraternity,” the Executive Director of Global Info Analytics, Mussa Dankwa, told the host of the Point of View on Citi TV, Bernard Avle. “He is much more popular across the country than he is within the NPP as a fraternity.”

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In addition, Global Info Analytics said in its report that a poll conducted between June 30 and July 7, 2023, suggested that 45 percent of NPP voters want Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to lead the NPP. Global Info Analytics carried out the poll.

Mussa Dankwa suggested that when NPP supporters were polled, the results were 45% in favour of Alan and 55% in favour of Bawumia.

He highlighted the fact that the majority of Kennedy Ohene Agyapong’s followers are likely to vote for Alan Kyerematen if there is a run-off in the primary elections and stated that the candidate Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is ranked third in the survey.

He went on to say that he believes Dr. Bawumia will fail to win the primaries in the event that there is a run-off.

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“If there is a run-off, Dr. Bawumia will come out on the losing end. In the event that there is a run-off election, 21% of Kennedy Agyapong’s supporters will change their vote and cast it for Bawumia, while 57% of Kennedy’s supporters will cast their ballots for Alan Kyerematen. And 22% of voters said they would not vote for Ken at all, which is a bigger percentage than those who will vote for Dr. Bawumia.

Within the group that Kennedy Agyapong is leading, there is a significant amount of work to be done. If you are successful in persuading them, then you are probably doing an excellent job. “Bawumia will not survive if there is a run-off, and if Bawumia does not win a one-touch, he will be eliminated in the second round,” he said. “If there is a run-off, Bawumia will not survive.”

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