Betting affecting education of children; applaud government for imposing 10% betting tax – Pious Hadzide

Pius Enam Hadzide, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Youth Authority (NYA), has stated that betting is having a negative impact on the education of children in Ghana.

He stated that the prevalence of betting should be a topic of worry for all Ghanaian parents because it is having a negative impact on the values that underpin Ghanaian society.

According to him, the people of Ghana have all of a sudden developed a desire for easy money rather than working hard to obtain it.

In an interview that took place on Monday, August 21, on Citi TV, the former Deputy Information Minister provided justification for the government’s decision to impose a tax of 10% on betting activities.

“We have been worried about the growing number of instances of gambling, which are even having an effect on the education of children. According to our findings, when you visit the majority of these betting sites, you will see young people dressed in uniforms placing bets.

Betting affecting education of children

We have fostered a culture in which Ghanaians are known for their tenacity and dedication to doing work that is both honourable and decent. That sums up our core beliefs. The notion that young people should endeavour to amass wealth as quickly as possible is fraught with peril for any nation over the course of several generations.

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Therefore, we have consistently spoken in favour of the government taking measures to curb the popularity of gambling. We were looking into legislative as well as practical measures, such as tax measures, to discourage and disincentivize people from indulging in excessive betting.

This is especially important given that our own study has shown that the vast majority of young people in our country gravitate towards this sector. In our opinion, it is a time bomb that is about to go off.

As a result, he urged people who were protesting the measure to reconsider their viewpoint and praised the government for implementing the tax as a deterrent to control the problem.

“We are excited that the government is finally listening to us and implementing measures to disincentivize gambling,” he continued, “and we applaud the government because we have brought up this matter before past and present officers of state.” “So we applaud the government because we have brought up this matter before past and present officers of state.”

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The Youth Wing of the NDC has submitted a request to the government requesting that the recently instituted withholding tax of 10% on all gross gaming profits be quickly repealed.

They believe that the “insensitive policy” will make the situation much more difficult for the young people who are already living in poverty.

In a press statement that was distributed by the party’s national youth organiser, George Opare Addo, the NDC Youth Wing warned of a series of protests in the event that the government did not eliminate the tax.

Picketing will take place at the Ministry of Finance as well as other government offices located across the country as part of these protests.

“In the face of the unjust ten percent (10%) taxation on bet wins, we, the young people of Ghana, and the NDC Youth, declare a resolute series of actions to resist the burdensome and insensitive policy.”

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“Our commitment to one another is unbreakable, and we will not relent in our efforts to safeguard the money that the young people have earned through betting.”

Excerpts from the press release stated, “Through agitations, protection, advocacy, and civic engagements, we will ensure that our voices are heard and demand that this corrupt Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government rescind its decision.”

But Mr. Hadzide asserts that the NDC is merely exploiting the sentiments of Ghanaian youth.

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