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Behind The Win Of TikTok

Chinese social networking software TikTok promotes users’ creative self-expression. As a result, it enables users to interact with one another and generate massive amounts of information. TikTok became one of the most successful attention-based companies, or “attention merchants,” in the world in 2021 after earning $4.6 billion from advertising.

Former Microsoft developer and Chinese entrepreneur Zhang sought a worldwide company. Zhang, 36, is motivated by the late 1990s success of Robin Li of Baidu, Jack Ma of Alibaba, and Pony Ma of Tencent.

Behind The Win Of TikTok

Zhang built Toutiao or Today’s Headlines, an AI-powered news app, five months after starting ByteDance. Zhang introduced Douyin, a video-sharing app, for the Chinese market in 2016.

Zhang has built on China’s ambition to make AI a worldwide tech priority. He wants to “combine AI with mobile internet to change information consumption”. ByteDance’s offerings are revolutionary, according to Connie Chan, a venture partner at Andreessen Horowitz in San Francisco.

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TikTok’s algorithms decide which films to show viewers, create their feed, and ascertain their preferences. Unlike Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, which use artificial intelligence to make posting suggestions and recommendations rather than sending them to users directly as Tiktok does. TikTok’s popularity has caused regulatory issues. TikTok was fined $5.7 million for collecting children under 13’s names, email addresses, and other information without parental authorization.

ByteDance attorneys successfully claimed that their technology filters inappropriate material and prevents nude films from being aired, and is continuously improved to detect problematic movies and produce more tailored content suggestions. Despite legal and other obstacles, ByteDance is creating an empire of applications for a new generation and pushing the boundaries of conventional digital entertainment.

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TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing platform, is a significant worldwide competitor for Facebook. According to SensorTower statistics, TikTok placed fourth globally as the most downloaded non-game app in 2018, with 663 million, behind only Facebook (711 million) and its connected applications WhatsApp and Messenger.

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