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Yvonne Nelson prepares for second coming of ‘DumsorMustStop’ vigil

Actress and activist Yvonne Nelson from Ghana has returned to Twitter, this time to call for a second vigil in response to the country’s ongoing electricity crisis.

Nelson, who gained notoriety for participating in the 2015 #DumsorMustStop movement, voiced her displeasure with how the current administration is treating the matter.

Yvonne Nelson prepares for the second coming of ‘DumsorMustStop’ vigil

On April 22, 2024, Nelson tweeted at Imani Ghana, a civil society organization, asking them to collaborate on a new protest. She emphasized the important role IMANI played in the previous campaign’s accomplishments.

Nelson charged that President Nana Akufo-Addo and the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were taking Ghanaians for granted.

Yvonne Nelson tweet read: “Imani Ghana, can we organize another vigil? I’ve been waiting for you to reach out like you did years back. (your team made our demo a success) I’m reaching out myself. The NPP and its leadership @NAkufoAddo have taken Ghanaians for granted. #DUMSORMUSTSTOP.”

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The hashtag #DUMSORMUSTSTOP, which gained prominence during the online protests against erratic power supply, is now resurfacing as Nelson advocates for action.

Yvonne Nelson’s call to action reflects the growing frustration among Ghanaians over the persistent energy issues plaguing the nation.

The recurring power outages, known locally as “dumsor,” have disrupted businesses and daily life since late 2023, with the situation worsening in 2024. Despite government officials’ claims that these outages are not indicative of “dumsor,” many citizens believe otherwise, citing the similarities to the crisis experienced in 2015.

During the 2015 dumsor crisis, Nelson and other celebrities, including Prince David Osei, participated in massive protests.

However, government officials have dismissed the need for a timetable for the current outages, further exacerbating public frustration. The Minister for Energy, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, even challenged those calling for a timetable to propose one themselves.

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