Yakira Chambers Cause of Death, Husband, Children, Illness, Net Worth, Health

American story editor and author Yakira Chambers When Yakira’s death was reported, it was known that she was working on a CBS drama and NCIS: Hawai

When Chambers passed away, she was 42 years old. Yakira reportedly passed out unexpectedly in front of a mall in Newport Beach, California.

Yakira Chambers Cause of Death

Yakira Chambers reportedly had an acute asphyxia diagnosis, which has been cited as the main factor in Yakira’s demise. Currently, tests are being conducted to determine with certainty what killed Yakira.

Yakira Chambers Children

Andre Welch was Yakira’s stepson.

Yakira Chambers Illness

It was well known that Yakira Chambers had severe asphyxia.

Yakira Chambers Net Worth

Before she passed away, Yakira Chambers’ entire net worth was estimated to be $12 million.

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Yakira Chambers Health

Before she died, Yakira’s health wasn’t in the best of shape. Yakira was known to suffer from suffocation and breathing problems.

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