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Woman married to 3 husbands shares her experience

Nellie, a woman who is a mother to two children, recently told the story of how she is happily married to her three husbands, Jimmy, Danny, and Hassan. This caused many people to be startled.

Her first husband of eight years passed away in a vehicle accident, and she went on to marry the other two men after that. Her first spouse was her brother-in-law, and she married him after her first husband died.

Nellie, who is from Tanzania and works as a car salesman, is the sole provider for her three husbands, all of whom are jobless at the moment.

The most interesting aspect is that she purchased automobiles for each of her three husbands, that they cohabitate in the same residence, and that they all devote significant amounts of their time to her.

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Nellie is convinced that her husbands will not cheat on her because they are content with their lives and state that she does not discriminate between them in any way.

They have all shared a home for the past three years, and their husbands claim that this has helped their wives become close friends with one another.

Because of the mutual regard that they have for one another, they are able to coexist happily.

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