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Woman found alive at funeral home after being pronounced dead by doctors

Constance Glantz, 74, was declared dead at a local nursing home but was discovered breathing at a funeral home in Waverly, Nebraska, just two hours later.

Authorities and medical experts are baffled by the episode, which emphasizes the significance of a thorough assessment before determining someone is dead.

Reports state that after declaring Glantz dead, the nursing home staff took her to the funeral home, where they realized she was still alive and started CPR. For more care, she was subsequently sent to a nearby hospital in a hurry.

Chief Deputy Ben Houchin of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said that while they are still looking into the event, they have not discovered any indication that the nursing home had any criminal intent.

Houchin called the case “very unusual,” stating that he has never seen anything like it in his 31 years of service. He explained that Glantz had been in hospice care, and her death was anticipated.

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A physician had seen her in the last seven days and was willing to sign the death certificate, and there was nothing suspicious at the time of the death.

Dr. Stephen Hughes, a senior lecturer in medicine at Anglia Ruskin University’s School of Medicine, notes that such cases are rare but emphasizes that “death is a process.”

He explains that sometimes somebody may look like they’re dead but are not quite dead, and careful examination is necessary.

Doctors typically look for heart sounds or breathing effort for at least a minute before declaring someone dead, and some drugs can also slow down body processes, giving someone the false appearance of having passed away.

Glantz’s current condition is unknown, but her family has been notified, and the funeral home staff handled the situation with care. This rare case highlights the importance of vigilance in medical care and the need for careful declaration of death.

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Woman found alive at funeral home after being pronounced dead by doctors

This incident is not the first of its kind. In June last year, a 76-year-old woman in Ecuador was declared dead following a suspected stroke, placed in a coffin, and taken to a funeral parlor for a vigil ahead of her burial. Five hours later, she was found to be alive after the coffin was opened to change her clothes.

Similarly, in 2018, a South African woman who was initially declared dead following a road accident was discovered alive in a mortuary fridge.

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