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Woman who knocked on coffin at her funeral dies after week in hospital

A woman from Ecuador passed just a few days after the attendees of her burial were stunned to discover that she was still alive in her casket.

A medical professional working at a hospital in the city of Babahoyo pronounced Bella Montoya, who was 76 years old, dead a week ago.

However, the mourners who were attending her wake heard her knocking on her coffin, and she was brought back to the same hospital for treatment as soon as they heard this.

Woman who knocked on coffin at her funeral dies after week in hospital

Ischemic stroke was the cause of her death, which was confirmed by Ecuador’s Ministry of Health on Friday after she had spent seven days in intensive care.

In addition, the statement from the ministry noted that she had been kept under “permanent surveillance” while she was being treated at the hospital.

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Gilbert Barbera, her son, recently gave an interview to a local newspaper in which he declared, “This time my mother really did die.” My whole life is going to change because of this.”

According to reports from the local media, Ms. Montoya was transported back to the funeral home where she had been cared for prior to her burial in a public cemetery after she passed away on June 16.

It was stated by the local media that Ms. Montaya suffered from a disorder known as catalepsy. People who have this ailment have seizures, lose consciousness, and their bodies become rigid.

The Ministry of Health of Ecuador has convened a panel of medical professionals in order to conduct an investigation into this woman’s condition.

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After being pronounced dead on June 9th, Ms. Montoya’s body was prepared for burial by being placed in a casket and sent to a funeral home in Babahoyo, which is located south-west of the capital city of Quito.

When the woman’s relatives opened the coffin to change her clothes for the funeral, she heaved a sigh of relief because she had been suffocating for about five hours inside.

She was carried out on a stretcher by the firefighters a few minutes later, and she was taken back to the initial hospital.

It is not only Bella Montoya who has been known to “come alive” after being presumed to have passed away.

A woman who was 82 years old was discovered to be alive and breathing in a funeral parlour in the state of New York in the month of February. A medical examiner at a nursing facility confirmed that she had passed away three hours earlier.

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credit: BBC

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